Resources for Exercise Programs

There are a number of valuable exercise resources available to healthcare providers, people with Chronic Kidney Disease, and people with End Stage Kidney Disease who are on dialysis learn more about how to exercise safely.

Physical Activity and Exercise Infographics

The following infographics contain some of the benefits as well as general information regarding physical activity and exercise, specifically aimed for people living with kidney disease in different circumstances.

Kidney Fit (Manitoba Renal Program)

This series of videos launched in February 2021 features light exercises that can be done at home that are designed for people living with kidney disease/kidney failure by kidney exercise professionals.

Beam logo

Beam for Kidney Disease (aka Kidney Beam)

Beam for Kidney Disease (aka Kidney Beam) was launched in July 2020, as a new initiative to provide people living with kidney disease with virtual access to various resources to help improve physical and mental health. The available resources include “live exercise classes” and “on demand classes” that are appropriate for various levels of kidney fitness, and are led by physiotherapists and activity specialists who are living with, or working with, kidney disease. Kidney Beam also includes community groups to help users connect with others who have common interests and goals, as well as to help users connect with the live class instructors.

Covid-19 “Cabin Fever” Wellness Routine

GREX “Kidney-siologists” from Alberta Health Services, based in Calgary, have developed a basic “Cabin Fever” home fitness routine that includes strengthening moves, stretches, and balance exercise, for people of all ages and abilities to perform. Download the fitness routine here.

A graphic with the text overlay "My Get Active Guide" resembling the front cover of a book

My Get Active Guide

Developed by Dr. Jennifer Cooney, Dr. Jaimie Macdonald, and Professor Jane Noyes from the University of Bangor, and the Wales Kidney Research Unit, the MOVE project is comprised of a series of resources to help people on in-center hemodialysis safely exercise. The resources are housed on the MOVE website ( and are freely available to be used by patients and renal health professionals working in kidney health units.

The resources for patients include a “My Get Active Guide”, and how-to videos highlighting exercises that can be done at home as well as on dialysis. The resources developed for providers highlight the importance of regular physical activity and offer suggestions on how to safely implement exercise into routine care.

The front cover of the Exercise on Dialysis Instruction Manual

Exercise on Dialysis

Australia’s Kidney Health organization, in collaboration with Deakin University have developed a simple, yet effective program using resistance bands to improve muscle strength for people on hemodialysis. The instruction book, along with a instructional video can accessed on the Kidney Health’s website.

The front cover of the book Exercise: A Guide for the People on Dialysis

Exercise: A Guide for People of Dialysis

The Exercise: A Guide for People of Dialysis guidebook was developed by exercise physiologist Dr. Patricia Painter, and highlights exercises that people on dialysis can safely perform to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. The booklet is part of the LifeOptions program by the Medical Education Institute, and is available in English, French Creole, and Chinese. The booklet can be accessed here.