Persons Living With Kidney Disease

The specific goals of the GREX Patient Engagement Committee are to:

Integrate an internationally diverse community of people living with kidney disease into the larger GREX network. This community will build capacity to ensure that an intentional approach is taken with incorporating the perspectives of people living with all stages of kidney disease into GREX-endorsed strategies, projects, and outputs.

How do we meet these goals?

To achieve these goals, we invite people living with kidney disease (and their caregivers), with any stage of kidney disease (i.e. pre-dialysis, dialysis, or transplant) from across the globe to become involved in the GREX Network. We welcome people from diverse geographic backgrounds, but also diverse lived experiences – no scientific or academic background is necessary. A willingness to share your experience and perspective is all that is required!

What does being involved in GREX entail?

Being involved in the GREX network as a person living with kidney disease can vary in time and intensity, and can include involvement in steering committees such as the Patient Engagement Council, reviewing research proposals and manuscripts, as well as giving lived experienced talks and commentaries during GREX webinars and symposiums.