GREX Endorsement of Scholarly Work

In a concerted effort to meet the Global Renal Exercise Network’s Mission and Vision of supporting the completion of rigorous physical activity and exercise research in kidney disease, the GREX Organizing Committee is pleased to provide endorsements of scholarly work authored by GREX network members that meet the following criteria:

  • Item of scholarly work must follow the scope of the GREX network in that it details either:
    1. Effective and feasible strategies to promote behavioral and lifestyle change (e.g., increase physical activity and exercise participation) in order to optimize health outcomes; or
    2. Reports on the therapeutic effects of lifestyle factors and/or interventions in people with all stages of kidney disease, among patients, their caregivers, and healthcare providers
  • Corresponding author/PI should be a GREX member (or is encourage to join GREX upon submission of paper)
  • Work must show international collaboration between research centres/sites from at least 2 different countries 
  • The disclosures are listed and are not viewed to be a potential source of conflict with the GREX endorsement

* Upon acceptance, paper will be profiled online, social media, and added to list of ‘GREX-endorsed’ papers on the website

* All accepted scholarly works endorsed by GREX should include the following wording in the Acknowledgments: “This study is endorsed by the Global Renal Exercise (GREX) network. The interpretation and conclusions contained herein are those of the researchers and do not represent the views of GREX.”

Please email us at with a copy of your manuscript for review by the GREX Organizing Committee prior to submission to a peer-reviewed journal.