Opportunities for Collaboraton

Metabolic Acidosis and Physical Function

The GREX Organizing Committee is currently considering a collaborative study performing a secondary analysis of data from previous or current exercise/physical activity/physical function studies that have collected serum bicarbonate/total CO2 values, and measured outcomes related to physical function, physical fitness or physical activity behaviour. We are looking for researchers who would be interested in collaborating in this type of analysis and have such data available, ideally from the CKD Stage 3-5 population. If you are interested in participating or discussing such a collaboration, please let us know by contacting the GREX Project Manager Oksana Harasemiw at oharasemiw@sogh.mb.ca. Please provide the following in your email if possible:

  • Approximate sample size;
  • Stage of CKD/mean eGFR;
  • Outcome measures and tools used in the study.

Identifying Common Outcomes

Dr. Jennifer MacRae from Calgary is leading a systematic review with GREX collaborators, to identify the most common outcomes used in trials of exercise and physical activity in patients across the CKD spectrum. The over-arching goal of the project is to provide researchers with a comprehensive list of recommended physical function outcomes to use in future studies. Please contact Dr. MacRae if you are interested in participating.